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Colton Kim

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat - Long Black

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat - Long Black

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Performance yoga mat that is incredibly thick and roomy, with unparalleled cushioning and comfort. Ideal for offering stability and joint protection as a practicing surface. Manduka offers a lifetime guarantee for the PRO. Closed-cell surface鈥攑erfect for hot, vinyasa yoga鈥攖hat prevents perspiration and moisture from penetrating the mat and growing bacteria. Surface coating that feels like fabric for easy transitions between positions. unique dot pattern on the bottom to prevent slipping. Over time, the product gets better with use. Simple to maintain. Use a moist towel to remove the sea salt after 24 hours of covering the mat to hasten the break-in process. emissions-free, OEKO-TEX certified manufacture. Without a single latex. Designed in Germany.

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